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Abused or neglected children
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Children with disabilities
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We help provide a homeless youth and or their families with a safe bed at a shelter, off the streets and away from abuse.
KIDDS Society.net provides support, food, shelter, outreach programs and counseling for individuals
and or their families
Emergency services including crisis housing, hot meals, showers and clothing for youths and families. To make a
generous tax deductible donation, new or lightly used winter clothing, baby items and or gift cards please feel free to contact us.

Why Get Involved? To give back. To help others. To offer hope to someone in need. To boost your own sense of self-worth and gratitude.
All pretty good reasons, don't you think?
Here at K.I.D.D.S., we believe that if everyone -- especially individuals like you -- got involved in some way, whether through fund raising, product drives, volunteering or raising awareness through social networking and events, we can help children who face challenges such as poverty, homeless ness, abuse, literacy, illness and more believe in themselves, dare to dream and achieve their goals. Want to get started? Contact us for more information.


The number of children with no permanent roof over their heads has jumped by 33 percent since 2007, when 1.2 million Americans under age 18 were homeless.
More American children than ever before are now homeless, according to a report released Tuesday by the National Center on Family Homeless ness. One out of every 45 kids in the U.S. is sleeping on the streets, or lives in a shelter, motel, or home where struggling families are doubled up. That's 1.6 million kids in all. What does this say about the effects of the Great Recession? Here, four key takeaways from this "bleak" report:
Homeless kids are often "very traumatized," facing hunger, poor health, and lower educational achievement. Roughly a quarter of these kids bounce through three or more schools in a year. And it's often the youngest who suffer the most. The majority of the nation's homeless children are under age 7.

According to a 2002 federal study, approximately 1.7 million young people call the streets home every year.
Children under 18 years of age accounted for 39% of the homeless population.
  • 13% of Americans live in poverty, including one in five children, the highest rate in the industrialized world.
  • 42% of homeless children are under the age of 6.
  • Almost 60% of Americans will spend at least one year below the poverty line at some point between ages 25 and 75.
  • In America, 17 million children live in households where they have to skip meals or eat less to make ends meet.
  • There is no city or county anywhere in the United States where a worker making the minimum wage can afford a fair market rate one-bedroom apartment.
  • The cost of rent and utilities for a typical two-bedroom apartment increased 41% from 2000 to 2009.
  • 2 million additional American children will fall victim to the foreclosure crisis over the next two years.
  • More than 1.3 million children will be homeless this year.
  • For families, the three most common causes of homelessness are lack of affordable housing, poverty, and unemployment.
  • Homeless families are often hidden from our view—they are living in shelters, cars, campgrounds, or doubled up in overcrowded apartments.


Mission Statement

The Kidds Society INC. is a non-profit organization dedicated to
improving the lives of children and their families in the
communities that Kidds Society INC., serves through education,
inspiration, out reach programs, counseling, food, shelter and fun.

We strive to bring our employees, community members, and friends
of Kidds Society INC. together to offer programs and services such
*Before & After School Programs
*Mentoring and counseling Programs
*community awareness level to provide food and shelter to
children and families in need.
*Donations of funds, goods, and services to local non-profit
organizations already engaging in work to improve the lives of the
children in our communities



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